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Display & Programmatic

Our expert team utilise a range of display and programmatic targeting methods to ensure your ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Our data-led yet creative approach to display enables us to help our clients cut through in a increasingly competitive and ever-changing market with complete transparency. Our data-led creative approach means that we’re able to help many of our clients to understand complex customer journeys and interactions online, offline and cross device and deliver consumers adverts that are right for them.

What is display & programatic?

Javelin digital programmatic advertising is automated real-time bidding used for display and video.

It is different to our standard display advertising service we offer within Google Ads, as by utilising programmatic you have access to additional online inventory through 30 SSPs (Supply-side Platforms), rather than the 1 SSP used by Google.

What kind of PPC services do we offer?

Our range of targeting methods include:
  • Contextual – targets pages that are based around specific topics, either in your industry or your target customers’ interests.
  • Placement – targets specific websites or pages.
  • Demographics – targets audiences based on specific demographics including their age, career, parental status, education, employment, gender, relationship status and social class.
  • Geographical – targets users according to their geo-location by targeting either; a specific location, a radius around a specific location or at postcode level.
  • Remarketing – targets users who have previously interacted with your website.

Interested in taking your display and programatic to the next level?

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