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Social Media

Javelin Digital is home to a team of Social Media Marketing experts. If you are looking for a Creative social media agency, then choose one of the best in the country with offices in London and Dublin.

We are one of the few agencies who are on the cutting edge of Social Media Marketing, and by keeping our ear to the ground, we can keep our clients ahead of their competition.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is an area that has evolved drastically over the last few years.

However, it still remains one of the most efficient and practical ways to engage with your user base, analyse and respond to their criticisms and likes. Users have begun to demand more from the brands they follow online, and expect them to provide information on their brands, but also timely, engaging content. For example, clothes brands no longer just discuss the items they have for sale, but also the industry, the influencers and the interests of those that buy their clothes.

Social media is not only one of the most powerful ways to connect and engage with customers, boosting interest and business, it’s also one of the areas that causes many business owners the greatest headache.

It is so easy to get social media campaigns wrong, to spend hours of your time guessing, stabbing wildly in the dark, and achieving very little.

We can change that for you. Our social media service can help create those crucial connections with existing and potential customers, targeting your audience and engaging with them in a way that boosts the profile of your business, encourages loyalty and interest, and ultimately results in sales and orders.

What kind of Social Media services do we offer?

Javelin Digital offer a creative and digital team that have made successful and engaging content for global clients and are always trying to innovate and create solutions to our clients’ needs.

We offer Social Media advertising, management and content creation.

We have engaged in a lot of distinctive Social Media advertising for a variety of clients, from live streaming DJ sets for an alcohol brand to creating a viral awareness video for a suicide prevention charity. With every job, there is a challenge and our team is dedicated to delivering the solution that is right for our client.

The end result

A quality Social Media advertising strategy that is more than just one-off witty post. Our clients see their adverts reaching their users and non-users, with a high click-through rate to their websites. We create content that leaves users wanting to see more, so they’ll click through to discover the brand behind the content.

Interested in taking your Social Media to the next level?

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