What you need to remember about PPC

PPC advertising has revolutionised the way brands and companies can attract and reach their target customers, giving marketing teams direct access to a return on every penny spent and targeting people down to very specific details. With so many businesses successfully using PPC (or pay-per-click) advertising, it’s no secret to how much it can help a brand achieve. Nevertheless, there are some important things to remember when it comes to PPC advertising, which we’ve highlighted below.

Money isn’t everything¬†

One of the most common misconceptions about PPC advertising is that only the highest bidder will get their advert seen. However, this isn’t true – Google doesn’t place PPC adverts highest on a search engine results page purely based on monetary value, it also takes into account the relevance of the landing page you want people to click through to. This ‘Quality Score’ is based on a number of factors, including the historic number of clicks your advert has received, and the relevance of your keyword to the information on your landing page.

Game Set and Match Point

You can determine how close a match you want your keywords to be to the person’s search, and remember relevance is key. So, for example, if you want everyone who’s searching for stiletto heels to land on your webpage, you can aim for a ‘phrase match’ which will include everyone who’s searched for stiletto heels, or pink stiletto heels etc. Or, if you’re looking to promote a certain product, you can post an ‘exact match’ which means that only people searching for ‘silver stilettos’ will reach your landing page, if that’s the promotion you’re aiming for.

Keep your competition close

The better your understanding of your competitors’ activity, the keywords they’re using and the landing pages they’re sending their customers to – the better the chances you have of increasing the number of people you attract to your own site. You’ll be able to differentiate your ads and make them more relevant to your customers searches, meaning you’ll increase your online market share.

If you’re already using PPC, why not speak to us about a review of your current strategy to see how Javelin can help you further the results you see from your campaigns. As a PPC agency in Dublin, we’re well equipped to help your business start using effective PPC advertising across Ireland, the UK, and internationally. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today.