Why creative content should be part of your SEO strategy

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘Content is King’. Lets keep the eye rolling to a minimum and yes Bill Gates wrote a blog with that very title back in 1996. Don’t believe me here a link from web archives.  The demise of content marketing is forecast on a fairly regular basis but it remains an integral part of both SEO and digital marketing in general. Our Dublin based SEO team take the view that if people find your content interesting, Google will too, and that can transform a business online.

So why is creative content so important?

There are several concrete benefits that good quality creative content can bring. It can provide added value to customers and visitors to your website, blog or viewers of content hosted elsewhere. This can, in turn, enhance your brand or personal reputation as an expert or leader in your particular field.

Creative content can help generate direct traffic and it can also encourage engagement in the form of comments, posts, shares and discussions. As any SEO agency could tell you, it can also boost your performance on Google and other search engines, whether you are looking to improve rankings within Ireland or another location on an international level.

It’s not enough to simply churn out a truckload of mediocre or spammy comment, scatter it across the web then sit back and think the job is done. All your content ultimately reflects on your brand but beyond giving a bad impression to human viewers, bots are now sophisticated enough to recognise poor quality, keyword-spamming content. Any sort of duplicate content can also produce penalties and prove counter-productive to your SEO strategy.

The answer, then, is high-quality, unique and fresh creative content. If hosted elsewhere, this can provide a great source of backlinks, which can boost your SEO as well as spread your brand and potentially bring in more direct and referral traffic.

Fresh content hosted on your own site can also help propel you up those SERP places for a number of reasons. Timely content, which links into a topic that is currently trending, can sometimes help you to catch that wave with incredible results with strategies involving reactive media. Even if you don’t catch a viral trend, fresh content allows for more frequent indexing, which can give you a better chance of achieving higher rankings. Having varied content can also increase your relevant short and long-tailed keywords. Don’t be afraid to experiment with content, the focus keyword in this blog is creative content, so get creative! Use video, data visualisations, even events can be leverage to benefit your SEO strategy.

It’s only one element of a joined up SEO campaign, but fresh creative content remains an extremely important one. For more advice regarding SEO and content check out our SEO page .